Our Services

Alpha offers a variety of services that range from sales of generators such as Caterpillar, Perkins, Cummins, Volvo penta,and Lister petter. We also service and do the mantainance of generators. We sell parts for the above models and source for other models. We also do engine Overhauls, Equipment repair, Air conditioner sales and servicing, Light Construction and general transportation.

Turnkey Projects
Combining all aspects of the site development and construction process into one contract is a valuable labour saving exercise for your company’s work force. In addition to saving your company effort, we can offer a more competitive price for the combined project.

Project Management
• Turnkey Project Management
• Task/scope based Project Management

Engineering Construction and Projects

  • Design and construction of foundations for ground based and rooftop Towers
  • Layout design and construction of equipment room
  • Perform all necessary earthworks
  • Installation of Air Conditioners, Fire safety systems, Access Control systems, Electrical systems etc.
  • Installing lightening arestors
  • Assemble towers as required prior to erection, either self support or guyed towers
  • Erect tower, waveguide ladder, face mounts etc
  • Installation tower lighting as required
  • Painting towers
  • Clean up site and dispose of debris

Enginnering Services
Installation and Commisioning of all equipment related to:

  • GSM –BTS
  • Optical fiber
  • Microwave
  • RFs
  • Switches
  • Network Intergration
  • Testing and Commintioning

Alpha provides the following services in the power/energy field.

Backup power systems planning, design and installations Backup power supply systems both commercially and domestically are vital in the event that the mains fail. Industrialists and growing companies need uninterrupted power supply in order to meet their production/delivery schedules. Photovoltaic power systems also present a source of reliable power in areas where the grid is inexistent. Alpha provides solutions to reliable power supply including the integration of backup systems to the main grid.

a.Inverter systems design and installation,
b.Photovoltaic systems design and installation
c.Generator systems design and installation
d.Hybrid systems design and installation of any combination of the alternatives in (a), (b) and (c)
e.Integration of backup systems to the main grid
f.Supply of backup power systems equipment, materials and accessories

-Backup power systems maintenance
a. Generator maintenance
b. Inverter/Converter maintenance

-Power Audits
Power audits are essential in ensuring maximum operating reliability of ones domestic/industrial electric power network or supply connectivity. It explains the causes of overloads and eventual intermittent power failures at ones premises/offices and provides remedies to avert the same. An example is a building/offices running on a generator after mains failure. Intermittent failure of this generator to power the entire building necessitates a power audit so as to determine the cause of the failure. Power audits also prevent damage to electric power supply installations. Alpha provides two forms of power audits.

Operation and Maintenance works
We supply, install and maintain generators (11 – 1000 kva), repair construction equipment (CAT) and related equipment, supply & install air conditioners, repair and procure spare parts for motor vehicles.