Alpha started off with a skeleton team which consisted of 2 Engineers, 4 Technicians, and held a client base of only 2 companies. Over the years our business has grown; however, our commitment to customer satisfaction has not been deterred therefore our technical base has propelled to greater heights since then to a solid management team of 6 highly skilled Engineers with over 10 years of experience from internationally leading brands in the industry, a team of over 10 technicians and support staff with undisputed experience of over 6 years in the power generation discipline, in order to keep a breast with the dynamic and fast growing client base comprising of several tax payers in Uganda. In other words, the human capital expansion changes the company initiated, were done solely to customize our operation to fit the ever changing and growing needs of our customers.

Organisation Structure

We are a customer-focused organization. In order to achieve higher levels of efficiency, we have removed conventional layers of management, and designed a non-hierarchy system, which lays emphasis on empowered teams.

Our project teams operate as a customer controlled unit, giving top priority to customer needs. The communication channels are completely transparent to the customer. The project team is an empowered entity, designed to give quick response to the customer.

The executive management has developed the Mission and Quality Objectives as part of the leadership process.

Technical Resources

Second to the undisputed skill of manpower, Alpha boasts of a sound operational capital in form of highly specialized tools and equipments , 3-5 ton self loading cranes, 3 pick-up trucks and a variety of service vans to commensurate our customer needs within the required time irrespective their location.